The story unfolds when three aspiring young men dreamed of having their own business. Working in  different Computer Center as a computer technicians, they were inspired to build and have their own internet cafe. They thought of combining their knowledge and talents with regards to computer. And build a cafe and manage it in their own ways. A cafe that offers more than information but friendship and bonding from its customers. And that it will also serve as a place for them to be together after a long struggle in thier school days. The three young men namely Roy, ZC and Stephen were schoolmates since first year in their college years. Since first year in college, the three were somehow bonded and seemed to have the same views in life.

      On June 7, 1999, CenterNET Computers was born. From the help of their former instructor, Mr. Ribomapil Nacorda who gave name to the cafe and being their Consultant also, CenterNET Computers offer their services to the boholano people. Beggining with 8 computers they serve and delight their customers in their own charming ways. Starting with Archie Macute as their first customer whom until now is continuing its patronage to the company.

       On March 18, 2000, new CenterNET Computers was born @ infront of University of Bohol, Maria Clara Street Tagbilaran City, Bohol with 12 new computers with high speed Internet Connection.
CenterNET Computers 2 was established to meet the growing demand for fast and easy Internet access in Bohol, by utilizing state-of-the-art technology for both Internet access and Web site Development and even in network games. CenterNET has the ability to rapidly expand its service coverage not only in tagbilaran but throughout Bohol and quickly adopt new technologies as market demands rise.

       The CenterNET Computers has a facility yet to be matched in the area in terms of first-class training facilities, well-experienced computer professionals and modern multimedia systems with the Satellite internet connection from MosCom Tagbilaran. Yes, CenterNET Computers is one of the best internet cafe connected in Mozcom Tagbilaran ( BQlink ). Internet rate is the lowest in the Intire Province of Bohol at P 15 per hour @ 8 am to 8 pm and P 10 per hour @ 8 pm to 4 am.   in keeping with our objective of providing the youth with the rewards of Information Technology at the lowest cost possible.


CenterNET Computers are committed to providing the best service possible to our
customer/clients. If there is anything we can do to make things easier.

        Our mission is to play DELTA FORCE !!!!!

        Until now CenterNET Computers is still expanding their facilities and improving their services to fully serve their customers.

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